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Instruction and Learning Science Leader
For Lewis Palmer School Board D38

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Important Candidate Information

Gain more information about the District 38 Board of Education candidates.

The September 28, 2023 Board Candidate Forum is available on YouTube. NOTE: You may read a transcript of the forum in this Colorado Gazette Tribute article. The transcript makes it easy to read and compare the answers that Tom Olmstead and I gave, which is helpful, as ours is the only contested race.

For 20+ years, I've been using research to improve instructional outcomes in higher education and the workplace. 

I moved to Monument with my wonderful husband, Steve King. We wanted to live in a smaller town, where deeper values and looking out for neighbors was the norm. We didn't find this in the giant Denver metro area suburbs we lived in.


I have been incredibly inspired by people right here who give a lot of time and effort to keep this place from becoming like the places we moved from. My husband, who has a lot of development experience, spends many hours researching development issues. He tried to help the previous board, but most wouldn't listen. So he ran for the Town Council and won, with wide community support, along with others.

The people who ran for and won Town Council seats continue to inspire me to do what I can. I am fully prepared to make a difference as an engaged and informed Lewis-Palmer School District 38 (D38) school board member. 

Click on Why on the menu to learn about a few pivotal experiences that influenced me to be involved with education and want to make a difference as a school board member.

School Boards Make a Difference

According to a research brief published by the Center for Public Education in 2019, school boards in higher-achieving districts are more likely to:

  • Engage in goal setting and monitoring progress.

  • Use data to identify student needs and make decisions.

  • Do what's needed to maintain excellent working relationships with the superintendent, teachers, and administrators.

Since student achievement is critical, who you elect as D38 School Board members is also critical. I have a strong commitment to the Tri-Lakes area and to our kids and their teachers.


Our public schools cannot afford to be sidelined with today's commonplace but resource-wasting fads and partisan issues. Educational research supports better methods.



Instructional Technology, Learning Science, Instructional Design, Digital Learning, Foundational Skills
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My Work

In my day-to-day work, I analyze and apply the evidence (research) to help organizations improve their instructional outcomes. For example, I currently work with the US Fire Service on assessing the results of their training programs. Wildland firefighters put their lives on the line, and I'm super glad to be able to support them. Other clients have included health care organizations, schools, universities, content experts, and international organizations.


I'm an internationally recognized learning and performance practitioner, researcher, presenter, facilitator, and author, known for applying learning (and related) sciences to problems of common instructional practice.


My most recently published book is Write Better Multiple-Choice Questions to Assess Learning and have written other books on digital learning, writing for instruction, and other topics. My more recent articles are on the eLearning Industry website and elsewhere.


I received my PhD from the University of Colorado, Denver. I've also received research, practice, and other awards, such as the EDMEDIA (2002) best research paper award.


I have  taught courses to teachers, faculty, instructors, designers, and administrators through the University of Colorado, Denver, learning-related membership organizations, and my own company. I loved being a featured speaker and workshop presenter in Canada, the US, and Europe on learning science and digital instruction topics.

At Home

Colorado has been my home for 25+ years, and I love living in Monument. 

he Save Monument group began a few years back, and my husband Steve and I were involved right away. I'm proud that our community pulled together to stop the huge distribution centers that were going to be built at the entrance to downtown Monument. 

Steve and I love walking the trails and the well-worn footpaths in the Tri-Lakes area. We like watching for indications of the changes of seasons and seeing wildlife. When it snows, we snowshoe at Dirty Woman Park. We enjoy making new friends in the area and meeting folks at Rosie's Diner and Arlene's Beans. 

I have a strong interest in and follow research on medicine and nutrition (Andrew Huberman podcast-yes!), and work periodically with clinicians on Mayo Clinic migraine research. My two adult children attended public schools in Maryland and Aurora, CO, and I also homeschooled one for a short time.

Living in this beautiful place is absolutely a blessing. 

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